Open Way Sanghas

Our sanghas are rooted in the mindfulness tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh and consist of Open Way & Be Here Now in Missoula, Flowing Mountains in Helena, Open Sky in Kalispell, and the TNH Group in Bozeman.


Mindfulness Center

The Open Way Mindfulness Center in Missoula, MT is home to Open Way & Be Here Now Sanghas and also hosts many other community classes and events, see our calendar for more info.

               Open Way Mindfulness Center - 702 Brooks Missoula, Montana - 406-549-9005 


                         Interested in renting the Open Way Mindfulness Center? Please email us!

Flowing Mountains Sangha

 Flowing Mountains Sangha in Helena, MT

 An Open Way Community of Mindful Living in the Tradition of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh


Meets Tuesdays, St. John’s Building, 25 South Ewing

(use entrance from parking lot in back of building off S. Rodney St.)

Mountains and Rivers building, 825 Helena Avenue.

walking & sitting meditation, 6:30 & 7:00 p.m.

program, 7:30 p.m. ~ closing 8:30 p.m.


Monthly Programs:

1st Tues: Mindfulness Trainings (guidelines for ethical living)

2nd Tues: Meditation (instruction, practice)

3rd Tues: Sharing the Way (teachings, talks)

4th Tues: Nurturing Wisdom & Compassion (discussion, guided practice)


for more information email



Until further notice, we will continue to meet at the Mountains and Rivers building, 825 Helena Avenue. The room is smaller than at the St. John’s, but we have not filled it yet – please come join us! We have now finished Chapter 1 in nothing to it by Phap Hai and are ready to begin Chapter 2: Two Truths. This Chapter is divided into the following sections: Applying the Practice in our Daily Lives; The Guidebook and the Journey; Practicing with Intelligence; Mind and Body; Wisdom and Compassion; Offering the Dharma; and The Ultimate Dimension of Reality. We will open our study of Chapter 2 on the focus “we receive the teachings that we are ready to receive.” Here is our November schedule:


November 7 – Mindfulness Trainings Recitation

November 14 and 21 – nothing to it by Phap Hai

November 28 – Way-seeking talk by Stan Voreyer


December 7 is the first Thursday of next month, and if you wish to join other friends along the path for a no-host breakfast, we will be meeting at 7 a.m. at the No Sweat Café.


Walk With Me film showing at the Myrna Loy in Helena:

Have you heard of the film Walk With Me? It is about mindfulness practice and monastic life at Plum Village, the founding community of our practice in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. The movie has a unique process for distribution: communities must pre-purchase a certain number of tickets to confirm the film showing locally. The film has already been shown in Missoula and in Kalispell, and we are now proposing to offer it here in Helena. As noted in the message below, the film is scheduled for the Myrna Loy on January 4, but ONLY if we have at least 80 tickets sold in the next 50 days. Tickets are available only through the website of the distributor (GATHR Films) and will not be available at the door.

Follow link to purchase tickets:



Flowing Mountains is actively served by four Order of Interbeing members as well as committed practitioners. Our OI members are as follows:

Sandra SuZanne ("Zan") Murray, a writer and editor, and co-founder of Flowing Mountains. She also enjoys gardening, cooking, and handcrafts.

Jonathan Matthews, a professor at Carroll College and a co-founder of Flowing Mountains. He is also a national champion racewalker.

Stan Voreyer, a retired mental health care provider. He has taken Thay's advice of living a non-busy life to be his foremost practice.

Ann Kuntzweiler is exploring right livelihood through life coach certification.